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Schlitz Beer

Beer & Radio

What makes popular  Milwaukee city? What a questions ... Schlitz beer! With this slogan Schlitz beer has jumped  in the advertising world during '30 rapidly becoming one of the most popular beers in those years in the United States of America first and the world then.

birra schlitzThey were the golden days of radio that revolutionized the way to advertise products directly in the consumer entering into his house with less direct mode but advertisements placed inside catchy jingles and songs which remained in the lead easily and that everyone could sing .
Also for the Schlitz Beer the union between radio and advertising paid off by keeping it in the olympus  of beers until the 60.

Here's to honor the radio that allowed such a huge success came distributed an advertisement that depicts a radio amateur with his radio while waiting for his wife who brings a bottle of Schlitz beer.

Birra Schlitz & Radio

From this picture was made by my dear friend Francesco Ganzedda a splendid wood picture  that stands on the top of my radio station!

birra_schlitz     birra_schlitz1

Here you can find other beautiful advertisings:

real gusto  birra1  1964
birra2  birra3