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Kchibo KK-S60L

A little receiver with a big voice

Kchibo KK-S60L

After three weeks of waiting has come from China my beautiful receiver Kchibo KK-S60L.
The box looks small but it's nice and when opening it I was startled to note the small size of the radio which is also accompanied by a cloth, extension antenna for receipt of SW, earphones, instruction in Chinese and its power supply plug that is not suited to italian standard.
There were two nice surprises trying the radio. The first is the beautiful green light that adjusts itself according to the intensity of light present around the radio that gives a modern tone to that receiver that is young  and with a engaging line and very user friendly.
The second surprise is the amazing sound that this object so small can give to our ears. The audio is well modulated with an excellent balance of tone and a very good low prevalence of which make very round, almost three-dimensional listening.
It 's a pleasure to listen.
The usage is very intuitive and illustrations found in the instructions in Chinese give a first aid approach to the radio.

With little money you have a good receiver for medium wave, short and FM. An excellent purchase.

User's manual Kchibo KK-S60L (eng) DOWNLOAD (pdf 236K)

Kchibo KK-S60LKchibo KK-S60L
Kchibo KK-S60LKchibo KK-S60L


Description: FM/AM/SW reception
FM stereo
LCD Signal strength Indicator
LCD display
Digital alarm clock with wake-on-radio
DSP processor
4 tuning options :
90 memory presets
Direct frequency input
Auto search
Manual search
Auto scan and store
Sleep fucntion in 10-90 minutes
Meter band selection - incremental
40 level electronic volume step
Intelligent night light
Key lock
AM bandwidth adjustment
Telescoping antenna
Built-in speaker
Standard earphone jack
Specifications :

Frequency Range

FM 64-108 MHz
AM 522 - 1710 KHz (9K tuning step only)
SW 2.30 - 21.85 MHz

Memory preset (90)
FM , AM, SW ( 3 x 30)
Noise Limit Sensitivity
FM <= 3.5uV
AM < = 3mV/m
SW <= 56uV
S/N Ratio : FM > 50dBu , AM > 45dBu
Single Signal Selectivity >=60dB
Power : DC 5V or lithium rechargeable battery 3.6V (included)
Speaker : 45mm/8ohm/0.25W
Earphone jack : 3.5mm 32ohm
Measurement : 110 x 68 x 19mm
Weight : 125 (excluding batteries)

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