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AOR AR 1500

How to change backlight

AOR AR1500 con led blu

I've decided to change the backlight of my AR 1500 because AOR have choosen a very poor led for it and my alternative choice was a strong blu light led taken from an old DVD.
To change the led is very simple anyway I would show you the photoes of the 8 steps of the disassembly because you can find some problems working in a so small spaces with a very slim wires!

Clik on images to obtain a better resolution.

AOR AR1500 prime viti1.

After removing the cover of the battery pack, unscrew the 6 screws highlighted to extract the rear of the scanner.
You can remove the battery pack before to unscrew the screws disconnecting the plug at the end of red/black wire or after to extract the rear of the scanner. You can choose!

AOR prima basetta

If you haven't removed the battery pack in the step 1 plase make it now, it's easier!
Now you are ahead to the first of  three circuits of the scanner AR 1500. To go to the next step you need to unscrew only the two highlighted screw in the picture.
Remember during assembly that the longer screw is on the left!


AOR AR1500 lato

Be careful to slide the first card because it brings back the top of the scanner that slides on the side guides.

AOR AR1500 centrale

Start by disconnecting the multipolar
connectors remembering the correct positions especially the 3-wires because there is another 3-wires in the third card.
To remove the center card loosen the two pins shown in the picture.

AOR AR1500 terza

Once removed the card you will see a central cardboard divider between the central and the third tab, remember it when reassembly!

AOR AR1500 terza1

After removing the card unplug  carefully the connectors and unscrew the last two pins shown in picture.

AOR AR 1500 aperto

Here is the AOR AR1500 completely dismantled.

AOR1500 led8.

The LED is easily replaceable and is on top of the third and last card removed.
you can see the final effect on the top of the page!

During reassembly be careful not to pull the small wires coming out of the top piece of the scanner and not crush the wires with screws that are inevitably somewhat compressed by the closure of the radio.

Here you can download the shematics of AOR AR 1500
Schema elettrico AOR AR 1500

Here you can download the manual of AOR AR 1500 Schema elettrico AOR AR 1500

Good job!