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automatic antenna turner

Kenwood AT 250

T his is the latest object of desire came to beautify and improve the efficiency of my radio station.
For some time I was convinced that an automatic tuner would have been necessary for me especially considering the fact that I don't have an antenna park worthy of the name but "main" antenna  is a home made trap dipole for 20 meters. This dipole, I do not know for what reason, managed to maintain a low SWR also on  bands of 12 and 10 meters and now, with the automatic tuner, these bands are finally become usable without the worry of damagingmy radio.
The choice has been dropped without any shadow of doubt on the Kenwood AT-250 because it is part of the same line of my Kenwood TS-140S and I'm happy to  giving a touch of order and professionalism to my humble shack.

Automatic antenna turner Kenwood AT 250  features:
  • Frequency range: all amateur bands incuded WARC (automatic selection with Kenwood TS 430)
  • Double possibility of power requirement: 120/220 Vac o 13,8 Vdc
  • Power meter (20 or 200 watt) or SWR meter
  • Four output antennas
  • RX IN/OUT switch: when switch is OUT only a transmit signal passes throught the antenna turner. With the switch set on IN, both transmit and receive signal pass throught the antenna turner.
The antenna turner is capable of matching a 20-150 ohm load, or approximatly up to 2,5 : 1 SWR
I am convinced to have done an excellent purchase!

Instruction manual:
Kenwood AT-250 (pdf  300 KB )
Schematis diagram:
AT 250 (pdf 158 KB )