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L CWO is a unique and innovative system that allows you to follow lessons in telegraphy based on the method Kock without installing any program operating solely online.
The system is similar to the famous software RufzXP  with some variations for the web solution.Strong point of the system introduced in May 2008 by Fabian Kurz DJ1YFK, a true magician of telegraphy at high speed, is the simplicity of the system.Simplicity and versatility allow the operator to learn telegraphy starting from a set speed and following the famous Kock method that provides a gradual progress in the various levels of difficulty designed to introduce new letters to the former already assimilated.
In addition to this part devoted to learn morse code you can receive  groups of codes, text, calls and the last news of the site,  QTC mode.
All tests made with the various modes are registered in the personal home page and you can see your statistics. Here you can find my statistics: IZ1DFF .

Registration allows you to keep unchanged your settings that can be used from any PC anywhere in the world you are.

Beautiful method!

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