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CW freak

CW Speed Training Software

C W freak is a software developed by Satoshi Imaizumi JI0VWL dedicated to listening amateur radio calls. The interface of the program is very simple and intuitive, and this feature makes CW freak a versatile program to use in any free moment of the day and, if you want, even though during work being careful not to be discovered by your boss!

CW freak help

CW freak
As you can see in the screenshot, CW freak offers 5 training opportunities :
Here's the logic that CW freak uses to increases or decreases speed in case of correct or incorrect call:

Call Speed WPM
Great!!  +2
So-So  1 error in freceived call -2
Bad... more than one error in the call but one correct letter at least -3
Terrible! completely wrong call -4

IZ1DFF CW freak

The most interesting program features  are certainly the two Trial and Monthly that allow you to enter the ranking on the site of Satoshi doing an upload of your score by the menu Network - Send Score.
Results will be updated instantly.
While 20 and 50 Trial  allow you to enter into fixed ranking ,Monthly mode is updated every first of month.
The latter is certainly my favorite mode considering the fact that in this ranking there are often the same people more or less at my same level and battle is sure every month!

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