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Associazione Hurricane

The “Associazione Hurricane” was created, by a group of ten Italian Amateur Radio volunteers, with the charter to support Emergency Radio Communication via Amateur Radio with a Project of a Low Power Dual Band HF Transceiver called “HURRICANE”; a specially designed equipment for high performance and to be distributed to Italian and to international amateur radio licensed operators with financial difficulties to purchase commercial equipment or components. The transceiver will be distributed in kit form (all parts electrical and mechanical to be assembled by the user included).

The distribution of this advanced transceiver in kit form is adding social and educational aspects as the assembled equipment will permit emergency radio communication in case of natural disasters, classic amateur radio communication and educational technical and technology experience associated with the assembly job.

The “Associazione Hurricane” is seeking for financial donations and annual membership from single amateur radio, radio clubs, radio societies, sponsors and other donors to be in the condition to deliver the kits to selected licensed radio operators.

Radio Hurricane
Financial donations will cover:

1.    Cost of the kit
2.    Associated documentation
3.    Shipping material
4.    Shipping charges
5.    Shipping insurance
6.    Eventual local import duties
7.    Other eventual administrative and organization expenses or part of these

Kit donations:

Kits donation are expected to follow these procedures:

1.    “Associazione Hurricane” may select a specific country/amateur society and propone some donations from membership, single amateurs, sponsors and radioclubs financial donations
2.    Some Amateur radio operators may present a financial substantial donation and  suggest to which country/amateur society kits should be sent
3.    An amateur radio society or donor may present a financial substantial donation and suggest to which country/amateur society kits should be sent
4.    An amateur radio society in a developing country may present a financial substantial donation and suggest to which of their amateur members kits should be sent
5.    A project sponsor may present a financial substantial donation and suggest to which country/amateur society kits should be sent

Substantial financial donations may see kits donated to suggested country/amateur society by the donor on a 30 to 50% of financial value. This will permit to “Associazione Hurricane” to donate kits to other not suggested amateur radio societies as to cover most of the world countries.
The Amateur Radio Societies involved in the kits donation process should present to “Associazione Hurricane” the licensed operator(s) information and be responsible for all the follow-up required (assurance kit(s) will be assembled and working functionality). Societies not performing follow-up will not receive any additional kit donations.
If the selected licensed operator is not in the condition to assembled the kit, the involved society must search for an experienced amateur radio member available to perform the kit assembly; he will be involved in the feedback process.
Financial sponsors and/or donation requests for amateur radio societies maybe coming from the IARU HQ and/or IARU regions.
Societies receiving the kit donations should support “Associazione Hurricane” to search for possible free or reduced import duties and easier delivery.
The design, preparation and distribution of kits is done on a volunteer basis, as free from work and family time, by “Associazione Hurricane” management members.

Additional information may be available from Associazione Hurricane web site: www.hurricaneproject.altervista.org  or contacting:
Giancarlo Moda <i7swx@yahoo.com>.

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